Tom Olezeski is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers. He is an accomplished photographer, explorer, cyclist, and runner. He was drawn to the outdoors and attended Colorado State University, where he earned a degree in Commercial Recreation and Tourism. Throughout his exploration of the American West, he worked to capture the grandeur of the natural world with his camera. As life progressed, he found himself photographing his son playing multiple sports, and realized a new passion for capturing these fleeting moments. Tom has been published across several forms of media, including Modern Luxury magazine, Seattle.gov, Yahoo.com, and the Huffington Post.

Tom has 20 years of photography experience and moved to the digital format almost 15 years ago. His photographic passions include landscape, architecture, cityscapes, and sports. He is skilled at both capturing the moment and bringing out the best in each image. Tom hopes to continue to use his passion for photography and the outdoors to document life’s many adventures.

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